One comment on “Inspiring and equipping girls to strive for personal excellence

  1. As a new parent to the Junior School I assure you that it is precisely the rounded wealthy curriculum that drew us to Blackheath High. Being an academic, and receiving law graduates wishing to undertake postgraduate study, I truly see the value of a rounded education. Intellectual capacity is indeed cultivated by traditional class work but the ability to think critically, to express one’s views eloquently, and to have the confidence to do so before an audience, well these are skills acquired not just in class, but in the theatre, in the sports ground, in the music hall. So let me simply return your kind comment: staff and the girls are indeed grateful to us as parents; but we Blackheath High parents are equally grateful to you and staff for offering the girls unparalleled access to a wide range of skills via a wide range of media. Keep up the good work!

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